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Shanghai Aipu Fans Co., Ltd

Shanghai Aipu Fans Co., Ltd was established in Shanghai, China. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been manufacturing industrial-grade high-quality ventilation products, aiming to provide the fastest pre-sale, after-sale and the best ventilation solutions. 


Based on the industry-leading concept and manufacturing technology, AIPU technology with abundant technical advantages, first-class product quality and advanced management concepts, has grown into a R&D, production and marketing as one of the integrated company with core technology. Aipukeji has always been committed to the pursuit of excellence in quality, to meet customer demand, to create high-quality products.


We have 8000 square meters of production base, equipped with high-precision automatic production machine. The products produced by the automatic machine have higher quality and higher cost-effective, and the automatic machine is also the guarantee of our high productivity. The factory is equipped with the latest production equipment and production technology, the establishment of a machining center, cutting center, welding center and testing center. Aipukeji’s products are sold well all over the world and are highly praised by domestic and foreign clients.

We were established in 2006, and it has been more than 17 years now
When We Were Founded
200 +
After several years of steady development, we currently have 203 employees
Our Number of Employees
8000 m2
We have 8000 m2 of production base, equipped with high-precision automatic production machine
Our Production Base

Our Factory