Quick details:

    Type: BLDC ceiling fan

    Blade material: Magesium alloy

    Brand name: Aipukeji

    Mounting: Ceiling fan

    Place of origin: Shanghai, China

    Power: 1.4KW

    Voltage: 220V/380V/415V

    Air volume: 12000m3/min

    Speed: 1-3m/s

    Fan diameter: 7.3m/24ft

    Motor type: PMSM motor

    Frequency: 50hz/60hz

    Packaging & Delivery


    Packaging details: Blades will be packed into Standard export wooden cases. 

                                  Motor will be packed into foam box then into carton.

    Port: Shanghai

    1. Technical Parameters:

    1.1 Equipment specifications: 7 FT - 24 FT, Diameter: 2400mm - 7300mm;

    1.2  Rotating speed: 0 - 125rpm;

    1.3  Air volume: 2100 m3/min - 12000 m3/min;

    1.4  Speed: 1m/s - 3 m/s;

    1.5  Weight: 73KG - 98KG;  Color: Housing and pedestal are silver gray;

    1.6  Noise level: The noise level is less than 49db when the sound level meter is 1.5m away from the motor.

    1.7Main attachments: Control box, Ceiling attachment

    1.8 Voltage: 220V-230V, single phase; 380V-415V, 3 phase

    1.9 Features of DC brushless permanent magnet motor: low operating noise, good energy efficiency; wide application range, high operating efficiency, convenient speed regulation, stable operation, stable performance, direct drive rotation technology, completely used in special places with high noise requirements.

    The permanent magnet brushless motor has excellent speed regulation performance similar to that of the DC motor, and overcomes the shortcomings caused by the commutating spark caused by the mechanical commutating device of the DC motor, and has low reliability, high operating efficiency, small size and light weight. Therefore, it is widely used in aerospace, electric vehicles, medical equipment, instrumentation, servo systems, CNC machine tools, military equipment, chemicals, textiles and modern household appliances. With the continuous improvement of the cost performance of rare earth permanent magnet materials, the continuous advancement of power electronics technology and microelectronic technology, the application of permanent magnet brushless motors is becoming more and more popular.

    1.10 Commercial ceiling fan drive controller

    High-performance non-inductive recognition BD-DSP drive technology; low-noise, high-performance, multi-function driver, rotor-field-oriented vector control method for motor torque, high-precision speed control, high reliability, powerful; Current limit, overload and overheat protection, phase loss short circuit alarm, motor overheat protection device, user-friendly interface, easy to debug.











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